About Us

Livac Designs  an exclusive gift and deco shop of personalized Art based Singapore bringing you unique designs as: Personalized skylines, minimal maps, city landmarks and iconic places reflecting your life and experiences

A painting in your home is like an old friend, it will always reenergize your mood. We cherish your emotions, we valued your special moments and sweet memories. We will capture your emotions into a personalized art deco. 

At Livac designs, we don’t just sell artwork, our unique objective is to personalize your art deco designs with a strong connection to your emotion, memory, feeling and smile. Our posters capture the essence of life spent in a city or country by encapsulating the best moments into a deco design. 


Personalized skylines, maps, city landmarks and iconic places reflecting life passed in a country. 

Almost all our products can be personalized with words like name of family members, pets, condo, street, touristic locations, favorite restaurants, places, sports or activities, name of friends, school, special phrases, what ever that makes you dream about that special moment.

Posters with motivational quotes and funny words to cheer up your day.

Babies / kids’ nursey art deco.



Our unique concept will make you come back in time and draw a smile in your face each time you see your unique deco piece. You can preserve those beautiful memories. 

A personal and custom-made piece of art involves a lot of emotions, it is a great souvenir and an elegant piece for decoration. 

Our posters and art deco transmit emotions and great feelings. 


We see Livac Designs as an exclusive gift and deco shop of personalized Art in Singapore and other countries around the world. Creating Art deco designs using words, city landmarks, skylines, maps, iconic places in Singapore and other countries. 


To create sensations and memories that will make people travel back in time and draw a smile in their faces each time they see their art deco or poster. 

To catch that magic of life in a piece of art for people by personalizing their artworks and converting them into unique deco pieces for their home and office. 

To make posters available as a gift for people when leaving the country, we believe this will help them keep the memories of Singapore.